SharePoint Home Sites

Setup a home site for your SharePoint online infrastructure

Home Sites were announced during the 2019 SharePoint conference in May. Home sites provide a landing page experience for your organization. The home site not only acts as a landing page for your organization but provides search across your SharePoint infrastructure.

The SharePoint start page will be updated to match the branding on your home site and will provide a similar navigation experience for your users.

How to setup a Home Site


  1. Launch PowerShell as an admin and enter the command below to connect to your Microsoft 365 tenant.
Connect-SPOService -Url

2. Running the cmdlet below to set up your home site.

Set-SPOHomeSite -HomeSiteUrl <enter site url>

Your home site is now being setup, navigation and changes to the start page can take up to 24 hours to complete. Currently setting up the home site can only be accomplished through PowerShell but it is going to be added as a feature apart of the new SharePoint Online Admin center.